Case modding

Case modding is a custom built computer. It is used to make an otherwise boring computer one’s own, or to make a PC reflect how insane all the hardware is inside. Cases may also be modified to increase a computer’s performance; usually this includes changing parts as well as the case, but there are some exceptions.

Modding is ART

Art powered is a new concept in computer hardware design. It combines art and technology into an exciting new product category. Artists and designers can create their visions of what the future of computing might be.


The MSI GTX 960 4GB is a great choice for gamers who want to make their PC stand out. You can easily change the LED logo by using coloured glass paint. You can also choose an LED with different colours or even add another LED to create a multi-coloured effect.

The cooler is released by removing the screws. Any paint will work, but automotive spraypaint works best.


There are some crazy RAM modifications. Matching your RAM color to the other parts of your build is a great starting point. We recommend Avexir Blitz. Avexir Blitz comes with LED-topped RAM and includes a random flashing pattern. It’s easy to take off the top casing just by removing two screws. The sides can also be taken off with a butter knife. To change the LED colour, simply touch the LED stick with some coloured glass paint, let it dry and replace the top casing. You should use a glossy finish to make sure the motherboard and LEDs are visible.


Motherboards are ideal for modding because they are easy to take apart. You can easily remove the armour plate and replace it with something else. You can also add extra features such as LED lights.


Lighting adds life to your computer. We love the Bitfenix Alchemy strips as they’re bright and available in waterproof or magnetic varieties. Their colour choices are great, and they come in different lengths. You should avoid using too many of the same colour. Instead, choose contrasting or complimentary colours. For example, use white LEDs paired with an entirely orange interior. This creates a subtle highlighting effect on the orange parts, rather than making them too intensely orange. Black or white builds work well with RGB LEDs, allowing you to change the lighting with the push of a button.


Liquid cooling your PC leaves you open to customization. Choosing what tubing to use, rigid or PVC; what colors of fittings and coolants; which fittings; what reservoir is best suited to your project. Mayhem’s coolant is popular among modsders, and for a good reason: it’s interesting to look at. It contains fine glitter that reflects the colours of your LEDs, creating an aura around your system. However, if you want a permanent coolent, we highly recommend the pastels from Mayhem. They have vibrant and bright colours that really stand out!


Cables are important parts of your computer. You can manage them yourself, but that takes lots of time and money. CoolForce Nanoxia offers a wide range of colors, including multi-colored ones.

For example, in a blue computer build with white memory, the best wires would be a matching blue-white. Without colored braided wires, your modified PC will look unfinished; you’ll easily underestimate the visual value of colored cables. If you decide do the cables yourself, then you’ll need the following: braiding sleeving, a pin removal tool, heat shrink, a heat gun.

Here’s a guide to check-out. But if you’re doing a single build, buy some gorgeous cables is the best way to go.


Painting the case and/or the components is a pivotal part in PC modding. Your first priority is priming the component you plan to painting, following the instructions for best primer for the paint. You should choose auto spray paint cans as they provide the best results. Don’t use a brush, as it will leave you with visible brushes marks and an amateur finish. After you have primed and painted your parts you should apply a 2K clear coat to seal and finish the project.

Decals Stickers

This is how you make your own custom logo stickers! Start by drawing up a design on the back of some vinyl. Cut it out with a scalpel. Use tape to stick them onto your case.

Less common modifications

A computer modded with different colors of CCFLs LED Automobile Paint & other finishes: Automobile paint refers to the paint usually seen on vehicles and trucks. This type requires a compressed air source such as an air compressor tank, and a sprayer. It is more expensive compared to a finish using spray cans but when done skillfully, it can be better looking, and much more durable. Another method of painting can include powder coatings which is highly durable though less aesthetically pleasing to many mods.

Electroplating is used to make metal objects shiny and bright. Metal computer cases and parts can be electroplated. Nickel, chromium, and gold are some of the metals that can be plated. A transparent coating can be applied after the plating process.

Body filler is a two part putty used to repair dents in cars. Modders use it to create sculptures by filling and shaping their own creations. A case modder uses body filler to fill and sculpt their cases.

Console case modding

Console cases are modified by gamers who want to add extra features or change the looks of their games. Modders often take advantage of the space inside the console to install new hardware, such as lights or fans. In addition, some modders remove the original hard drive and replace it with an SSD (solid state drive) to increase performance.

Modded consoles are easy to take apart. People used to modify their consoles before the release of the PS2. Some people even modified the hardware itself. Nowadays, people modify their consoles by adding cool stuff. This includes neon lights, LCD screens, and more.